Saturday, December 17, 2011

About Making Connections

Really. I don't like the noise and the fact that once they get started, you never know what they can do. My Muse and I went and bought our first family power drill this year.  It's green, a really fluorescent color that I like.  And that's about all I know about it.  I haven't tried to make it whirr, whistle or purr.  And I could really use it, if I weren't afraid of it and it's uncontrolled strength.

Here's my quandary:  I need to make holes in things.  You know all those cool pieces of filigree that just don't have holes to connect to things where thye should?  Plus I keep finding cool things everywhere that make me thing "hey, wouldn't this be neat in a necklace?"  Yep, if only I could figure out a way to attach it that doesn't involve torturing a lot of wire or using epoxy.  [I also have not mastered the art of soldering, although I come from a family that produced at least one jedi master welder.]

Today I got to thinking about holes, and how valuable they are. Without them, we wouldn't have beads.
Holes are the magic missing part of things that allow us to string them together and savor them.

This particular time I am acutely aware of holes in my spiritual self: pieces missing from people I've lost, sadness, deeds gone awry.  And realize that those holes are the way I've connected to some wonderful people. Gaping rifts in the fullness of life that make a place for the kindness of others to thread through.

I am so grateful for that happening.

Would you please help me give back to some of these wonderful souls who are having such sadness and loss thrust upon them this year by doing something from your heart?